Black Diamond Collection

For Elite tanners who expect, demand, and crave the absolute “Perfection.”

Flawless diamonds are one in a million, but MRI’S Pure Diamond has made luxury tanning now within reach This rare, prestige gem is a cut above the rest providing brilliant tanning technology helping you achieve color beyond your wildest dreams, but also packs a punch of the highest concentrations of skin nutrients, cutting edge anti-aging, rming agents, tanning technologies, dark spot correctors, and anti-reddening fighters. Luminous Diamond Dust and Champagne Extracts bathe the skin in extra hydration and imperfection masking benefits. Treat your skin to the royalty it deserves… You are as rare as diamonds!

Intelligent Collection

For savvy tanners seeking cutting edge tanning technology and high performance tanning products.

Featuring Advanced Skin-Enhancing Ingredients

  • Specific products for every tanning need
  • Exclusive Melanocyte Energizers™ producing the highest level of melanin and additional tanning benefits
  • Advanced, multiple skin enhancing, moisturizing and nutrition ingredients with preferred fragrances

Mineral Sun Collection

For tanners seeking an immediate tan, longer UV tanning and rich skin color.

For an Immediate Tan & Richest Possible Skin Color

  • Mineral makeup for the body and face combines the perfection of immediate mineral tan with the latest discoveries in the science of tanning skin care.
  • Immediate flawless, radiant tan while energizing the skin for a deeper UV tan, and selected products are enhanced with various levels of bronzing
  • Superb Skin and Tan Enhancements: Silicone Emulsion, Aloe, Shea and Cocoa Butter, and Walnut Oil, improves the overall well being of the skin

Millenial & Luxe Collections

For the Millennial tanner who expects dark results fast!

Luxe. For beginning and budget-minded tanners who prefer quality products at everyday value prices.

For the Millennial Tanner
Who Expects Dark Results and Wants Them Now!

  • Each product and packaging design is unique, expressive, and very individual
  • Combines edgy skincare with quick, instant, gratifying results
  • Uniquely designed for the fast paced, results driven, confident, and optimistic millennial tanner