What is LED My-Lipo?

My-Lipo is the first 100% LED body contouring and sculpting system. My-Lipo utilizes up to 16 pads per treatment that allows you to see dramatic inch loss in targeted, hard to lose areas of the body. During each 20 minute treatment session, the fat cells will be broken down and then released as energy through lymphatic stimulation. My-Lipo uses low levels of Red Laser Light to create a safe and painless bio-stimulation effect to target fat tissue through your body’s natural chemical pathways. This natural alternative to Laser or Liposuction prevents damage to tissue or nearby organs and the inches stay off!

Where can I see inch loss?

My-Lipo can be used on all skin types and body areas where unwanted fat is stored and has been most effective on the following areas, seeing 2″-6″ of loss during a treatment course:

Abdomen, waist, hips, back fat/bra line, chest, neck/chin, buttock, thighs, and arms.

How Many Calories Does A Single Treatment Lose?

Each treatment session followed by the Vibe will burn 300-1600 calories.

Recommended Treatment Course:

  • Course of 10 sessions recommended.
  • Twice a week for first 4 weeks.
  • Followed by one session a week for the next 2 weeks. (total course – 6 weeks)
  • Light Therapy time: 20 minutes.
  • Excercise time: 10 minutes (Using Vivo)
  • After one course is finished, a second can be started after a 2 week rest period.

What Should I Expect During My Consultation?:

During your first appointment, your Consultant will discuss your desired areas to be treated and recommend a treatment schedule. Your height, weight, and measurements will be taken before and after your first session, and then again after your 4th and 10th session or more frequently if desired. Your Consultant will then advise on pad placement and set you up for your first treatment session. You will be provided a robe, and comfortable clothes or athletic wear is recommended. After your 20 minute session you will use the Vibe for 10 minutes to stimulate the Lymphatic system for release of the broken down fatty acids. Additional exercise can be done afterwards to maximize inch loss.

What is the Vibe?

The Vibe is a vibration slimmer that is used to maximize the body’s release of stored energy. This short 10 minute treatments increase metabolism, higher seratonin levels, and even increased human growth hormone. The effect on the muscles is similar to skipping rope, and the repetitive movement helps the body lose up to 4 times more fat as an hour long work out.


How does LED My-Lipo work?

In Four Easy Steps

  • 1

    STEP 1

    Stored Fat = Stored Energy: LED My-Lipo stimulates fat cells in targeted areas.

  • 2

    STEP 2

    Cell wall pores are enlarged and stored and fat is then released.

  • 3

    STEP 3

    Release fat is then picked up by the lymphatic system, ready to use as energy.

  • 4

    STEP 4

    Exercise then completes the process of using the released energy.

Actual Results

The following are actual results after just ONE session!