Medical Weight Loss

We provide patients with a professional and caring environment, helping them to reach their weight loss goals quickly and safely.  Our Countdown Weight Loss Programs are physician supervised and proven effective for rapid, safe weight loss.  Our programs include everything you need to be successful and achieve your weight loss goals. At InShapeMD, we’re with you every step of the way.

Testosterone Replacement for Men

When it comes to low testosterone levels, a testosterone replacement program should only be implemented as a last resort. There are other treatment regimens available that may increase your natural testosterone production that are much safer and have fewer side effects. InShapeMD will explain the different options available to you and initiate the treatment program that is best for you.

B12 Injections

Without adequate supplies of B12, most of the cells in your body will struggle to take in enough oxygen, which can affect everything from your energy level and metabolism to your mood and ability to concentrate. At levels only slightly lower than normal, a range of symptoms such as fatigue, lethargy, depression, poor memory, headaches, and pale skin can be experienced. If you’re often worn out, have trouble concentrating or are experiencing any of the other symptoms listed above, Vitamin B12 injections may be beneficial.
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InShapeMD is Medical Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement Therapy. It’s a comprehensive, doctor-guided and personalized approach to weight loss, hormone treatment and total wellness.

With multiple treatment options available – from appetite suppressants to Countdown therapy, our professional medical staff works together with you to find the best program for your body, budget and overall wellness goals.

Our programs include customized diet, nutrition and fitness plans, cutting-edge lab tests, energy-boosting injections and much more. Our family-friendly diets and online nutritional program make eating healthy easy and affordable – and you don’t have to buy or stock a bunch of expensive, pre-packaged food like other programs.

Phentermine Prescription Appetite Suppressant

Phentermine Prescription Appetite Suppressant – Can only be obtained with a Dr. Prescription. Suppresses the appetite resulting in less eating and weight loss. Works well for people who “mindlessly” eat or who cannot seem to get full.

This program can be combined with B12 injections and supplements. We provide the client with a food guide and suggested daily calorie intake. The client comes in once weekly to weigh in, get a vitals check and get b12 injection if they opted to add that to the program.